EACS About

Elite Airport Concierge has been launched this year in Pakistan by “YQ Now Group”. YQ Now Group is globally a leading service provider of bespoke airport luxuries for its clients worldwide. The group has many regional subsidiaries and its foot print around the world. We have been serving many clients from Pakistan and this was the driving force behind the decision to directly launch its subsidiary in Pakistan to better serve our existing clients via local presence and at the same time introduce this luxury concept of Airport Concierge Services in Pakistan. Elite Airport Concierge has enabled us to customise our products to better suit and serve the local culture and requirements for our clients from Pakistan.

Elite Airport Concierge specialises in delivering bespoke airport luxuries around the world. Our experienced travel consultants are available 24 hours and 365 days to assist you. Our goal is to make the often pressurized, sometimes difficult and impersonal part of travel - getting through airports - personalized and seamless for you. Whether it is by assisting you through immigration queues, helping with your baggage or arriving at your destination in style, Elite Airport Concierge is privileged to serve you. Elite Airport Concierge is serving its prestigious and culturally diverse clients all over the globe.

We take pride that our parent group served over 50,000 passengers last year and maintained over 99% success rate in our service delivery.

Elite Airport Concierge currently marks its global footprint at more than 500 locations and continues to extend its global reach. We cater to diverse range of clientele which varies from Corporate Organizations, High Net Worth Individuals and Families. We create bespoke packages of airport luxuries in accordance to individual client requirements whether traveling for business or leisure.

Our experienced Concierge team is available to assist the clients with anything and everything from information about our services to completing your bookings and any post service matters. Each member is fully trained and equipped to make sure that they can provide accurate and most updated information. Our unparalleled customer services standards have been hugely appreciated by our clients.

Elite Airport Concierge is proud to own one of the most robust and advanced booking systems in the industry. We have developed this system using all of our experience with our customers and made sure that it is customer friendly yet sophisticated enough to do the job of handling bespoke requests. Our fully integrated online booking system allows you to book the services and you will receive instant booking confirmations. It will also inform you of any changes to your services. It enables our concierge team to view and monitor all services around the world in real time status.

Elite Airport Concierge presents its services directly to the consumers but also offers white labelled solutions to travel companies, corporate entities and concierge companies. We are able to integrate our booking system with other systems for delivering fully automated booking ability for our corporate clients. We also offer a dedicated control panel which allows the users to view and manage their bookings in real time, generate reporting for both operational and financial data.


Elite Airport Concierge not only offers two different tiers of its core Meet and Assist services, VIP Meet and Assist Services and EACS Affluent services, but also offers additional airport luxuries to compliment the core service. We offer the following products as additional airport luxuries but are happy to assist our clients with any bespoke requirements at any location:

  • Baggage Assistance
  • Airport Lounge Access
  • Airport Executive Car Transfers
  • Visa on Arrival Assistance
  • Flowers on Arrival
  • Document Handover
  • Electric Buggy
  • Tax Reclaim Assistance

Our clients are able to create bespoke packages by choosing any or all of the above services along with the core Meet and Assist service. Our innovative and user friendly online booking platform will allow them to create and book those packages.

EACS Philosophy

Not a ‘one-size-fits-all’ approach

  • The diverse nature of modern day passenger profiles
    Corporate Individuals
    Corporate Representation
    Special Assistance
    Unaccompanied Minors
  • Each passenger type will have different service requirements and associated expectations, but ALL passengers will share the desire for a high quality premium paid-for service
  • Currently all profiles are usually grouped together into a singular service offering that does not take such needs into account

EACS Brand Values